Dr. John Conca, DC - "Saving Lives Since 1975"
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Dr. John Conca, DC 
Our Office Also Offers Beautiful Image
Face Treatments
Led by doctor of chiropractic John Conca, his team of professionals performs painless, non-invasive micro-current face and body treatments that are designed to restore healthy natural tone to your skin and muscles. 

Hailing from the prestigious Beverly Hills Orthopedic Center, Dr. Conca utilizes his multidisciplinary background and the advanced technology of the Beautiful Image Model 900 micro-current machine, that give his clients the best possible outcome in the quickest reasonable time at a reasonable fee.
The noninvasive device's automatic and custom settings deliver quick, penetrating muscle stimulation via stable electrical frequencies, a process which gradually strengthens facial muscles for the correction of muscle laxity (droopy) conditions due to age, stress, injury and neuro-musculo-skeletal problems. Due to the relaxing nature of the procedure and the ability of the system's wands to croon lullabies, many clients fall asleep during treatment.
Micro-current treatments are used successfully on other muscles of the body as well.

Please contact us today for your complimentary consultation and begin a holistic approach to enhancing your "Face Value."
About Dr. Conca
John Conca, D.C., California State Board Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, specializes in offering a unique combination of non-invasive services that give his clients the best possible result without pain, side-effects or down-time in a stylish and contemporary environment.
"Achieving your personal best is what I help you to attain, without pain or down time," states Dr. John Conca. "My thirty years' experience has shown me that amazing results can be easily and affordably achieved with natural, non-invasive procedures. That's what I have to offer you with additional advantages difficult to find, even in L.A."
Dr. Conca utilizes relaxing, pain-free  treatment techniques to achieve a uniquely personalized experience. He has had a positive impact on the lives of many of your South Bay neighbors seeking a healthier, more youthful lifestyle. 
Enhance Your 
"Face Value"
We now offer space-age Micro-Current Technology to address your age-related concerns to enhance your "Face Value." 
Micro-Current Exercises?
What is Micro-Current Technology? A low-level electrical current stimulates muscles, addressing age-related concerns such as muscle weakness, laxity,  wrinkles, and droopy, slack muscles. This procedure increases muscle activity and results in an increased blood flow, muscle strength and collagen formation of the skin and a firmer more youthful appearance. This technology can also be useful in firming the lax muscles and skin of the neck, buttocks & thighs, the tummy, the upper arms and hands, etc.
“It’s like Pilates for your face!”
... announced one happy client. Electricity can have many beneficial effects on the body, from reducing pain to firming your abs. Micro-current sessions are safe, effective and painless! There is NO PAIN with our micro-current technology - no down time and no side effects! 
Initial Consultation
We offer a FREE in-office initial consultation, evaluation and DEMO. You may request our entrance record here and filled it out before you arrive.
Guests can choose any one Target Area for treatment during the FREE consultation, which includes a no-charge DEMO to determine your outcome and the recommended number of sessions for optimal results.
Preparing Your Face
You will need to remove all cosmetics: makeup, oils and creams from the face or body part receiving the procedure. This can be done either at home before you come into  the salon or at our lavatory before your scheduled appointment time.
During your FREE initial 30 minute consultation and evaluation, the PAINLESS  micro-current procedure will be explained to your satisfaction and demonstrated.
Lastly, a personalized treatment program will be designed for your consideration.
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Face Lift

"I Look Years Younger in Minutes!"
Linda after Ten Sessions
Microcurrent face lift client Linda showing before and after results. skin rejuvenation

"I'm Very Satisfied!"

Nancy after Ten Sessions
Microcurrent face lift client Nancy showing before and after results. skin rejuvenation

“It’s like Pilates for your face!”

Susan after Ten Sessions
Microcurrent face lift client Susan showing before and after results. skin rejuvenation

"My Lunch-Time
Face Lift." 

Joan after Ten Sessions
Microcurrent face lift client Joan showing before and after results. skin rejuvenation
"Pilates For Your Face!"
 (Micro Current Procedure)


The Doctor will assess your condition & give recommendations as to the number of Sessions 
and Cost.

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100% satisfaction guarantee!

Initial Consultation,
&  Assessment
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SAVE $100 on ANY Package of 10   60 minute Sessions

SAVE $50 on ANY Package of 5
60 minute Sessions or 10
30 minute Sessions


  • FACE LIFT SPECIAL: 10, 60 minute MICRO-CURRENT Sessions  SAVE $100
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  • LID-LIFT Special:  10 - 30 minute Micro-current sessions  SAVE $50
Immediate results
can be seen in the mirror
after your first session!
Enhance your
"Face Value"
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Led by doctor of chiropractic John Conca, his team of professionals performs painless space-age micro-current electrical exercises of the muscles of the face and body for the correction of a variety of age-related and neuromuscular conditions including, skin and muscle laxity. 

In addition to an initial  FREE DEMO and consult of our micro-current treatments , a personalized treatment program will be designed for your consideration, if indicated.
Please contact us today for your complimentary consultation and begin a holistic approach to enhancing your "Face Value."
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