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I. Health Care Services
Dr John Conca, Doctor of Chiropractic; serving his community for 25 years.Your healing processes is accelerated because Dr. John Conca utilizes a multidisciplinary approach  along with traditional spinal adjustments as his standard of care, freeing up vital nerve energy and helping you look and feel your best. 
In combination, these procedures can accelerate the healing process, saving his clients time and money. The advantage is restoring a healthier, more naturally vibrant you in the quickest reasonable time. 
Studies show that relieving nerve interference can double your immune capacity, naturally and without drugs. The immune system fights colds, the flu and other sicknesses. So your quality of life improves -  your friends notice you look better and there's a bounce in your step again. Dr. Conca's goal is to provide a better service, in less time at a reasonable cost, in a relaxing professional atmosphere, consistent with our mutual desire to achieve wellness and give greater meaning to your life.
Dr. Conca's patients are offered these two adjustive techniques:
1) Traditional gentle spinal adjustments by hand or 2) with the Activator adjusting tool. Specific spinal adjustments correct vertebral subluxations, to restore nerve energy flow to muscles and other areas resulting in a more vibrant, youthful expression of life.
       Vertebral Subluxation                                  Activator Low-force Adjusting Tool
The Activator is a comfortable spinal adjusting tool that relieves spinal nerve pressure without making that The spinal subluxation shown here is a spinal bone out of place causing pressure on the adjacent nerve, blocking vital communication and life energy to the body part; the prime cause of dis-ease. Doctors of Chiropractic are the leaders in natural health care.
Adjunctive Therapies include:
1) The application of T.E.N.S. for post-surgical pain and/or gentle micro-current muscle stimulator to help restore healthy muscle tone and elasticity of the affected muscles.
2) FDA-Approved Disc Decompression Technology - an axial adjustment that brings fluids and nutrients into the dry, compressed and degenerated intervertebral discs. View Dr. Conca performing the APA Disc Decompression for his patient in the very relaxed atmosphere of his Manhattan Beach Hawaiian surf styled office. Disc Decompression Technology is effective for relieving herniated and bulging discs, facet imbrication and general well-being.
  Normal Disc         Herniated Disc           MRI Herniated 5th Cervical Disc A lumbar disc herniation can be healed without surgery using our decompression therapy table. Doctor of Chiropractic.
An MRI of a cervical herniated disc - healed without surgery using our decompression therapy table. Doctor of Chiropractic.

Multi-disciplinary Approach
Dr. John Conca comes from the prestigious Beverly Hills Orthopedic Center in Beverly Hills. His multidisciplinary approach and co-operation with L.A.’s diverse medical community provides an additional professional advantage. 

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Health Care Services:
Concierge Service
If having your very own personal,  “semi-private” doctor appeals to you, Dr John Conca offers “Concierge Service”, by retainer, which is like having your own personal well-trained and experienced Doctor of Chiropractic on call. Annual retainer for Concierge Service for South Bay & Manhattan Beach residents is limited to 200 clients.
Worldwide Service
Dr. John Conca also provides international services to his overseas clients at a rate specific to your location and needs. Contact or call Dr. Conca directly for fee for service estimate:  011-1-310-955-0606
Please contact Dr. John Conca directly regarding international services at 
*A Retainer is for securing the doctor’s availability during the specified period of time, not the number of visits or procedures during that period. An extension of the time period may be made at the discretion of the office management for advance notice of vacation or jury duty.
Constantine cross - a symbol of the miracle of the Holy Spirit that came to Constantine the Great.
 Method of Payment
Types of Acceptable Payment
We Accept Some Insurance Plans. We also accept cash, check, VISA or MasterCard as forms of payment.
Types of Cases Accepted
We consider the following types of cases for treatment:
All Age Groups
Wellness Care
      (no acute symptoms)
Corrective Care
      (symptomatic: acute or chronic)
Postural Correction
Non-Emergency neuromusculoskeletal conditions
Herniated and bulging/slipped discs of the Neck and Back
Medical Referral to specialists, if indicated
Sports-related Injury
Automobile Accident Injuries
Order of Constantine the Great from France - its crown & cross crest. Each Order may create its own crest.
 Articles by Dr. John Conca
By John Conca DC
Today, 80% of Americans do not yet know enough about the origins of true health to go to a chiropractor. That’s like saying 80% of Americans don’t brush or floss their teeth! Imagine the dental problems if that were the case.
Just as we all have teeth we all have spines. Our spinal structure needs maintenance just like the teeth in our mouth. The spine houses the our body's main electrical system that is responsible for properly running all the other systems of the body. Most spines have 24 segments, and we should include the sacrum and ilium for this article. These hollow spinal segments protect the nerves when they are all in alignment but impinge upon these same nerves when misaligned. So the purpose of chiropractic spinal care is to locate which specific segments of the spine are misaligned and interfere with the proper function of the nerves, and to introduce a force sufficient to assist the spine in re-aligning itself and thus relieve the nerve interference.

Chiropractic is an  Science, Philosophy and Art. This article will deal with the Art of Chiropractic, that’s where the “rubber meets the road” as they say. How well skilled the chiropractor depends on two factors: professional training and education, and nuance from years experience in practice.

  1. Training in chiropractic school. Here’s another saying, “You can’t teach what you haven’t learned anymore than you can return from where you haven’t been.” Notwithstanding all the governmental accreditation etc, etc that schools and doctors have to go through, there is still a lot to be said about the training and the teachers that first influence the graduate doctor of chiropractic. Because I am a patient of chiropractic care and a Doctor of Chiropractic, I KNOW if a chiropractor is doing their job well. So my most important criterium for finding a chiropractor that’s right for you is:
  2. Specificity. How specific is your chiropractor’s technique? If your sixth cervical vertebra (C6) is misaligned and you have numbness in your right middle finder, and your chiropractor isn’t specifically contacting and adjusting the sixth cervical vertebra – the misaligned segment is not going to be adjusted. This is the Art of Chiropractic. The more specific the analysis and adjustment, the better the chiropractor and the better the service you are receiving.
There are many types of spinal adjusting treatments used by chiropractors. The most commonly used is manual or “by hand”. The effectiveness and comfort of chiropractic adjustments depends on your doctor being specific in the spinal analysis and contact of the misaligned spinal segment, and making sure that the adjustment is focused on the specific misaligned segment(s). I find gross manipulations are no substitute for a specific adjustment. You can ring a door bell with a shot gun blast or you can go up to it and gently use one finger. Which would you prefer?
People like it when they start seeing results right away. So it’s very important for the doctor to know where and how to adjust someone’s spine. The more specific the spinal adjustment, the better the outcome. The more accurate the doctor performs each follow up adjustment the better the outcome.
The longer you’ve had health problems the longer it takes to see positive results. We are not educated in Public Schools as to the true cause of ill health so I’ll share that ‘secret’ with you. Nerves run the body. The brain and spinal cord are the first organs to form. They are completed protected by the hardest substance in the body: bone (three times stronger than cast iron!).
Spinal misalignments called subluxations are a major interference to your nervous system and the number one offender to your health. Doctors of Chiropractic are trained to locate and correct subluxations to relieve that pressure on your nerve system. A specific spinal adjustment means the body works better and health is restored naturally without drugs!
Not all Doctors of Chiropractic are equal. Not all Chiropractors adjust the spine either! Since Chiropractic is an Art, Science & Philosophy there are a great number of variables among my colleagues when it comes to patient care.
In 2000 I authored a professional textbook on specific spinal adjusting. I teach it to other doctors for their yearly continuing education credits. The book incorporates the study of spinal muscle palpation to determine were your spine is out of alignment, along with the most comfortable style of spinal adjusting – the instrument adjusting tool. The spring loaded adjusting tool is the second most used system for spinal adjusting among DC’s. More than half my book is devoted to the science and art of specific spinal analysis.
For a copy of my textbook: Chiropractic Spinal Adjusting Made Easy, send $120.00 (USD) made payable to: John Baptist Conca, POB 1116 Hermosa Beach, California 90254. Postage paid in continental US. Educational & Training programs are available upon request. 
How do we even know if a spinal bone is misaligned and where? Unfortunately pain is not a good criterion to determine where or when the spine is out of alignment; although pain can surely accompany nerve irritation. Feeling the muscles that attached to the spinal bones is the most common form of spinal analysis used by chiropractors. Here again feeling is an art – it’s called palpation. Some people have it and some don’t. Among those that do, even fewer are gifted. The KEY to finding where the spine is out of alignment is in the skill of palpation, not an x-ray. X-rays can be deceiving because not all bones are symmetrical. In other words, on x-ray some bones may appear misaligned but aren't really. Personally, I don’t want a chiropractor who relies solely on x-rays to tell me where I’m out of alignment, would you? Once the level of misalignment is discovered, the process of pushing the bone back into place - called the adjustment - is also a skill and an Art.
The spinal adjustment is a profound opportunity for the body to heal itself. A specific spinal adjustment by hand is the hallmark of the chiropractic profession. A hand full of chiropractors might pooh-pooh this statement because they use computerized adjusting systems but well over 95% of chiropractors in practice are using the traditional “hands on” spinal adjusting technique. Instrument practitioners are not exempt from these standards of specificity of analysis and adjustment. Just because they have a $20,000 computerized adjusting device doesn’t mean they are immune from using it properly.
The better doctors will explain to you the patient what chiropractic is and what they are about to do. They will show you models and help relieve your concerns by showing you what it is he or she will be doing for you regarding chiropractic technique. Keep in mind that not all licensed doctors of chiropractic have the same skills when it comes to the Art of specific spinal adjustment.
For more information or a personalized consultation and spinal analysis please contact the author:
John Conca, DC
Post Office Box 1116
Hermosa Beach, California 90254
Doctor Direct: 310-955-0606
Web address: www.DrJohnConca.com

 More Spine-Related Articles
Quality of Life
Have you every known anyone who suffered through a back surgery and the months of agony that followed? Well here’s some good news. A recently published 10-year medical study showed 31% fewer spinal surgeries in people who use chiropractors. This is especially important if you are self-employed. Dr. John Conca utilizes the APA disc decompression therapy along with traditional spinal adjustments as his standard of in-office care, accelerating healing processes and keeping spinal discs well-lubricated.
A Word to Employers:
Your company can save money and reduce employee down time by hiring Dr. John Conca to operate an on-site chiropractic wellness station. Under a company-wide chiropractic wellness program, employees of Coors Brewing Company found they became healthy, happier, and more productive people! There was less employee down time and a dramatic drop in back surgeries due to job related injuries. It’s a win-win situation for everyone, because on-site wellness program has been shown to even reduce the overall insurance premiums. According to an article in Financial Executive, March/April 1995, The Coors Brewing Company estimated an average return of $6.15 for every dollar invested in its wellness program. Their total health care costs decreased 6.4% in 1993, compared with a national average increase of 8.9% .
Weekly Chiropractic Adjustments Can Actually Save You Money!
Forty-five million Americans no longer have health insurance, and "Obama-Care" in California does not include chiropractic services, so those who do have insurance found their benefits reduced. That’s where Dr. John Conca comes in. South Bay residents find that they actually save money on their health care expenses by seeing a chiropractor for wellness and preventive care.
Studies show that chiropractic can double your immune capacity, naturally and without drugs. The immune system fights colds, the flu and other sicknesses. So you’re saving money because you’re not running off to the Urgent Care as much and you’re no longer sick and tired.

III. Human Interest

Dr. John Conca’s investiture into the Order of
Knights of Rizal, September 3, 2010
Knights of Rizal crest.Dr John Conca’s Investiture into the Order of the Knights of Rizal is a great honor. The Knights of Rizal is a Philippine Order of Knighthood named in honor of Dr. Jose Rizal, the national hero of Philippine Independence from Spain dating back to 1911.
Pictured (below left) is Sir Dr. John Baptist Conca, DC, KR with Regional Commander Sir Reynaldo Banta, KGOR at the formal investiture ceremony into the Knights of Rizal.
Sir Dr. John Conca is awarded at the Knights of Rizal investiture ceremony at Las Vegas, NV
Rizal’s guiding political philosophy proved to be the study and application of reforms, the extension of human rights, the training for self government and the arousing of spirit of discontent over oppression, brutality and inhumanity. 
Regarding his ethical philosophy of life, Dr. Rizal counseled his people that the object of marriage was the happiness and love of the couple and not financial gain; and advised every one that love and respect for parents must be strictly observed.
Dr. John Conca’s investiture into the Order of
Constantine the Great, October 10th 2009.
Dr John Conca’s Investiture into the Order of Constantine the Great, on the evening of Saturday October 10th 2009, was a great honor. Several nobles and royals from Europe attended along with notable guests. Local and international press were present. During the Investiture Ceremony eight distinguished inductees recite the Knight’s Oath lead by Master of Ceremony U.S. General Michael Teilmann (Ret).
Sir Dr. John Conca is knighted at the investiture ceremony of the Imperial Order of Constantine the Great on the Queen Mary at Long Beach California.
Dubbing Knights into this 1700 year-old dynastic Order began in the year 312 by Constantine at the Malvian Bridge, or Milvian Bridge near Rome. Facing a battle of unfathomable odds, Constantine prayed to the Lord, and the Holy Spirit told him, “By this Cross you shall conquer!”  With these words he dubbed his first fifty Knights and won the battle, changing forever the history and direction of the Western civilization.
After the Knighting Ceremony, royalty and nobles from Europe posed with Knights for photographers.
Historical validation of the Order.
Official Decree and Seals:
Knights Oath Sir Dr. John Conca;  Imperial Order of Constantine the Great of California.

PAS - Parental Alienation 

I never thought this could happen to my family. When I tell the story of the loss of my only child people cry. What has happened to my daughter and I happens to 10s of thousands of moms and dads each year in the "Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free."  Parental Alienation effects 2 to 3 times that number of children. This is one loving Dad's way of reaching out to his daughter...

Your Dad Loves you, Arianna. 
Please call me anytime! 
My mobile phone is 

Arianna, you have the right to have both parents in your life. I have always been a loving father to you. You have the right to have your father in your life. You may contact me and I would like that very much. I love you. You have the right to call me and talk to me and your uncles and aunts; my friends ask about you and I'd like to be part of your life in any way that I can. Your freedom to know your Dad has been taken away by certain people. 

On our last visit of June 4th 2016, you told me things that I know you did not mean - that you were coached to say such things - to help the alienating parent achieve her goal of keeping us apart. You mom has prevented me from giving you birthday gifts and Christmas presents; she has prevented any contact between us. I mail you letters and cards but I haven't heard back from you.

  I viewed YouTube videos at RyanThomasSpeaks and urge you to do the same. Ryan Thomas is an adult child of Parental Alienation, and his videos help me understand our family dynamic. 

Your right to have your Dad in your life has been violated by certain people ("the regime") and powerful institutions; and that is a crime. Every crime involves stealing; and your Dad was stolen out of your life. My civil and natural rights, and my right as your parent, has also been violated by those same persons and institutions. That is a crime, too. 

I have done everything humanly possible to stay in your life over these past 12 years. I gave my all during the 10+ year-long legal struggle to stay in your life, and I'm glad I did. My goal is to be your father, to be in your life to share with you my experience and to share with you the special moments often taken for granted by families under normal circumstances. My desire to be in your life as your Dad was denied by certain people and institutions that conspired against us. 

Unfortunately, we are not alone. Check out this web site: http://parentalrightsclassaction.com

This class action law suit addresses the systematic violation of our civil rights and my right to be your parent. Certain people and institutions conspired to deprive us of that life together. I hope the outcome of this federal law suit stops future violations of parental rights.  It may take 4 or 5 years for this law suit to be decided. 

That website states why the law suit was filed: 
Constitutional arguments include those regarding flagrant injustices within the child custody/support/visitation realm ("family court" actions between two natural/biological parents over their minor child/ren), those regarding flagrant injustices within the child protective services realm ("family court" actions by government social workers versus one or both natural/biological parents over child custody), along with those intended to shutdown and terminate all related federal fundings ($4+ billion annually on Title IV-D and similar, and $2-3 billion annually on portions of Title IV-A, IV-B, IV-E and similar), i.e., all of the carrot and stick federal funding schemes driving many injustices in both of those two "family court" victimization realms.  See our Arguments page for details.

Arianna when you are 14 years old, you may want to call Legal Services for Children at 415-863-3762. At 14, you can request to be re-united with your father or even ask how to become an emancipated minor. I will help you any way I can. Ask them to discuss your rights under the law. 

Arianna, your Dad loves and misses you.

P. O. Box 1116
Hermosa Beach, California 90254
(310) 955-0606
E-mail: drjbc7@gmail.com
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