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Microcurrent face lift client Nancy showing before and after results. skin rejuvenation
Microcurrent face lift client Susan showing before and after results. skin rejuvenation Microcurrent face lift client Joan showing before and after results. skin rejuvenation & spa
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Are you more than a little concerned about facial droopiness or other age-related condition affecting your "face value"? Getting older is inevitable but looking older is now optional at Fountain of Life Center. Gentle therapeutic waves of microcurrents - like the energy the heart uses to beat - are directed to the affected muscles of your face, neck and other areas to effectively restore youthful looking muscle contours, strength, elasticity and rejuvenate skin tone. Studies show our micro-current treatments increase blood flow, lymphatic circulation and collagen formation. The net result is healthier, more natural skin and muscle tone. This well-kept secret of Hollywood's elite is now available at Fountain of Life Centre. Micro-current therapy is a truly pain-free and non-invasive approach to healthier, more youthful appearance to your face. Micro current facial sessions strengthen, tone and rejuvenate lax, hypotonic muscles of the face, neck and other areas where typical exercises are impractical or have fallen short of desired results.  
Micro currents Exercise Face Muscles
While You Relax
At Fountain of Life Centre, we are very proud to offer this 21st Century physiotherapeutic procedure that strengthens and tones the muscles of your face.  Over the years, facial muscles loose their tone and strength from sun, stress, injuries and other neuromuscular conditions. The Beautiful Image 900 Microcurrent machine painlessly exercises the muscles of your face while you relax in a comfortable spa-like environment. Years of clinical trial has proven our micro-current technology to be safe, immediately effective, and relaxing with no known adverse side effects and no down time! We consistently get faster and better results than any other non-invasive procedure on the market. 
We guarantee you'll love the results after your FREE initial consultation and demonstration and there is no further obligation on your part. We have many happy clients. Our goal is to produce results that last indefinitely with once a month maintenance.
"Do You Feel Better 
After Exercising 20-40 Minutes?"
 Of course you do! But who takes their face to the gym for a Pilates work out? Fountain of Life Centre uses the World’s #1 micro current system: Beautiful Image Model 900. With the most advanced technology available anywhere, our clients get twice the results in half the time with automatic and custom settings for faster and deeper results. Guaranteed!
Your Beautiful Image +
#1 Micro current System =
Immediate Results!
At Fountain of Life Centre, we use only the best! The precision engineering behind the Beautiful Image Model 900 is second to none. What may seem like simple metal wands are actually the result of 35 years of clinical trials involving many prototypes. If the wands were any smaller or larger by a fraction, they would lose nearly 25% of its effectiveness.
Beautiful Image Model 900 wands deliver deeper and more stable results each and every time. Scientific thermographic imaging proves an increase in blood flow into facial muscles and skin. This simply means we can offer you – our devoted clients – a 100% satisfaction guarantee!
As with any neuromuscular condition, the peripheral nerves may be assessed for possible involvement and recommendations made for your comprehensive treatment plan, or referral, if indicated. Other conditions may include: spasms, atrophy, twitches, etc. Our micro-current treatment system is useful for other muscles, too.
Your Neighbors Like Us!
"I was referred by a friend. I liked the results from the start. All I can say is, "Wow!" -  Laura W. (52)
Microcurrent face lift client Linda showing before and after results. skin rejuvenation & spa"I am 71 and was astounded from the first session! I was very enthusiastic through the initial 10 sessions. I look great and I maintain it monthly." - Gail L (71)
"I got a great response on the free consult & demo. I decided to purchase a 10 package deal. They paid a lot of attention to my Target Areas. It's amazing! I'm looking great. I like it." Haidee G. (64)
"I saw a vast improvement in my neck and great results to my jowl line. I like it a lot!" - Pat H. (54)
Fountain of Life Centre
Led by doctor of chiropractic John Conca, the team at Fountain of Life Centre performs painless rejuvenating micro-current facials. Relaxing micro-current treatments are designed to  rejuvenate skin and muscle tone naturally. Hailing from the prestigious Beverly Hills Orthopedic Center, Dr. Conca utilizes his multidisciplinary background and the advanced technology of the Beautiful Image Model 900 to improve your "face value."
About Dr. John Conca
Sir Dr. John Conca in street clothes enjoying the Night life of Los Angeles. LA's #1 natural health care leader - visit our skin rejuvenation & spa.
Dr. John Conca specializes in offering a combination of natural health and beauty services that makes his practice unique.
Dr. John Conca comes from the prestigious Beverly Hills Orthopedic Center in Beverly Hills. His multi-disciplinary approach and co-operation with L.A.’s diverse medical community provides an additional professional advantage. 
Our Chiropractic logo - let your life take flight!Dr. Conca utilizes comfortable personalized health and beauty techniques to help you achieve total wellness.  He has helped hundreds of your neighbors look and feel better, he can help you too.
Dr. Conca’s success begins with an interview of your concerns and what he intends to do for you, which creates the finest professional experience. 
His use of space-age micro-current technology, along with his thirty year's experience can accelerate the body's own rejuvenating process, saving clients time and money. The advantage is correcting the ravages of time by restoring healthy muscle tone in the quickest time at a reasonable fee.
Microcurrent face lift client Joan showing before and after results. skin rejuvenation & spa
"Look at the lax muscles on the left side... Healthier muscle tone on the right!"  In just 10 Sessions!"
We "Exercise" Facial Muscles While You Relax
(Micro-Current Procedure)
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Microcurrent face lift client Linda showing before and after results. skin rejuvenation & spa
"Droopy muscles of left Cheek, Eye Lid & Brow ... Right side Shows What 10 Sessions Can Do!"
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No Down Time
Initial Consultation,
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Immediate Results Guaranteed! 
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 Health Care Services Include:
  • Micro-Current Services For Men & Women
Dr Conca, Chiropractor, treats family and children as well as adults with safe chiropractic methods.
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